WiFi and Internet

Break free from connectivity woes! Offering complimentary internet to visitors and tenants isn't just a perk – it's a connection to happier experiences. Whether they're checking emails, streaming content, or staying productive, seamless internet access enhances their stay and fosters a vibrant community. Elevate your space with the gift of connectivity and watch the magic unfold!
WiFi Turtle

Ditch the internet hassle...

(with FlatTurtle!)
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    Our all-inclusive service covers internet procurement, seamless installation, and diligent management. For enhanced performance, we offer dual ISP management, ensuring optimal reliability and load balancing. Let us handle the tech intricacies, so you, the tenants and visitors can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with confidence.
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    Find the signal

    Navigating the WiFi maze, so you don't have to! Our expert site survey scouts out the prime spots for WiFi access points, ensuring your space is blanketed in seamless connectivity. Say goodbye to dead zones and hello to smooth surfing – all thanks to FlatTurtle's WiFi wizardry!

    We deliver secure wired internet, complete with separate VLANs if required, to critical equipment, such as, HVAC, CCTV, and badge systems. No downtime, no compromises – just a rock-solid connection that keeps your operations thriving.
    WiFi Survey
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    Connect with strangers

    Elevate both happiness and productivity with our complimentary WiFi for guests and tenants!

    Especially in regions with patchy cell phone signals, our seamless connectivity becomes the catalyst for boosted spirits and efficient output. From work tasks to social media scrolls, enjoy a harmonious blend of relaxation and accomplishment. Embrace the joy of connectivity with FlatTurtle WiFi!
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    Always secure

    Our security gateway and formidable firewall stand sentinel, thwarting malicious intrusions and ensuring visitors tread safe waters. We make sure visitors don't access illegal content or negatively impact the network for others.
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