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  • Yeri Tiete
    Yeri Tiete
    Yeri Tiete, the Co-Founder of FlatTurtle and a former Google employee, is an enthusiastic and innovative professional with a strong background in network and system administration. With extensive hardware and networking experience gained from working with major tech companies, Yeri brings valuable insights to his role. He acts as a liaison between customers and the development team, ensuring smooth operations and contributing to the company’s growth. As a Co-Founder, Yeri’s passion and expertise, combined with his experience at Google, drive FlatTurtle forward with determination. His strategic vision and leadership skills have been instrumental in expanding the company’s services and client base.
  • Nik Torfs
    Nik Torfs
    Nik is a dedicated problem solver who thrives on finding the perfect solution that precisely aligns with the unique needs of each client. With his extensive software expertise and critical thinking skills, Nik consistently delivers high-quality solutions round the clock. Holding a Master’s degree in Applied Informatics, Nik serves as the Tech Lead and Co-Founder of FlatTurtle, spearheading the company’s technological advancements and driving its success. Nik runs our whole cloud infra and manages one-click deployments (DevOps, #yeah), ensuring smooth operations and robust technological infrastructure. His passion for technology and commitment to excellence drive FlatTurtle forward with determination.

A bit of FlatTurtle history

FlatTurtle has a rich history that can be traced back to its origins in, a Belgian community that focused on open data. The community played a crucial role in liberating SNCB/NMBS train data for public use. It was during this time that Yeri Tiete and Pieter Colpaert laid the foundation for what would later become FlatTurtle.
  • Founded in 2012

    FlatTurtle brings over a decade of experience in the industry. Originally bootstrapped in Brussels and entirely self-funded.
  • Satisfaction

    FlatTurtle has garnered the trust and satisfaction of a vast range of happy clients, each with multiple office buildings under their portfolio.
  • Strong presence

    FlatTurtle has managed to establish a strong presence in the market, with its services being deployed in hundreds of locations.
  • Open data

    Unique experiences and expertise in commercial proptech and open data have set them apart from others in the industry.
  • Passion

    With a successful history and an unwavering passion for their work, FlatTurtle continues to innovate and deliver exceptional results.
  • Fun

    Life's too short not to have fun. Our philosophy is represented in our name and logo, and we truly hope we can work together in fun ways.

Supported by an amazing team

  • Lander Dewaele
    Lander Dewaele
  • Shan Wong
    Shan Wong
    Digital & Interior Design
  • Christa Ponce
    Christa Ponce
    Digital Marketing & Comms