FlatTurtle services

... But what do we actually do?
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    Digital Signage

    Making life easier for your tenants & visitors with relevant personalized information

    Everything you want: from a welcome message, live traffic, public transport, airport updates, local or in-house amenities and services, to name a few.

    When we say everything... it's everything!
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    Guest WiFi and Internet

    Moving around just to get good WiFi? Not anymore.

    Optimize your tenant experience. Your tenants need safe, and reliable access to the internet to do more and worry less.

    With our WiFi Access Points, you’ll be able to give your tenants and visitors quality WiFi wherever they are inside your property.

    Oh, and we take care of security with a firewall: nothing bad comes in, and nothing bad goes out.

    Ding, ding, ding!
    Internet and WiFi
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    Meeting Rooms

    FlatTurtle helps with the tech-infra of your (shared) meeting rooms.

    We install 85" (or bigger... or smaller...) displays. We take care of projectors, video conferencing material (4k to see who's not paying attention during that meeting!) and (surround) sound system.

    And for shared meeting rooms, we provide a meeting room booker and a fancy little screen to show whether the room's available.
    Meeting rooms managed by FlatTurtle
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    Security Camera Monitoring

    We're your partners in keeping a watchful eye on what matters most. Whether it's safeguarding your office space, parking lot, IT and HVAC system or making sure your valued tenants and visitors are safe, we've got it covered.
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    IT Integration & Cabling

    Discover the tech magic at FlatTurtle! From sleek cabling to unleashing the power of top-notch video conferencing gear, we're pros at turning audio systems up to 11, weaving strong networking webs, and making electricity do its dance. Let's team up for a flawless tech symphony that'll jazz up your space!
    IT and hardware solutions