At FlatTurtle, we take security seriously. We offer high-resolution indoor and outdoor cameras that are at the forefront of surveillance technology, delivering unmatched clarity and precision. We offer both on-site and off-site video access, ensuring that the footage can be reviewed from anywhere if the need arises.
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Secure your public spaces
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    High-res security

    We've got your surveillance needs covered and tailored to fit the job at hand. Choose from 1080p, 2k, or 4k cameras, each with versatile zoom capabilities, different viewing angels, privacy-friendly black-out zones, and nighttime vision thanks to infrared technology.
    Plus, we offer extras like AI-event detection and number plate recognition to level up your security.

    Whether you prefer wired or wireless cameras, we've got options to match the job and your cabling preferences. Opt for prominent, conspicuous cameras to let everyone know they're under watchful eyes, or go for discreet options in sensitive areas, ensuring a perfect balance between security and subtlety.

    Our cameras are as flexible as your needs. Start with your desired number, and as your requirements evolve, simply expand by seamlessly adding more cameras. It's modularity at its finest.
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    Our hardware keeps it simple – it's all IP-based, so it effortlessly fits into the network, whether it's yours or ours. You get to stay in control, accessing your surveillance system whenever and wherever you want.

    Our NVR (Network Video Recorder) is a no-fuss, rack-mountable device that plays nice with your other network gear.

    And for safety's sake, we use VLAN (Virtual LAN) tech. It's like giving your surveillance network its own lane on the data highway. This way, your security stays top-notch without slowing anything down.
    Rack mounted NVR